Orbit employs proprietary methodologies and tools to analyze data from social media, enabling us to understand public opinions and trends that help us to generate valuable insights.

Our work is entirely customized and tailored to each client's specific needs.

For each study, we explore the most relevant networks or data sources within agiven time frame, examining the evolution of public perception, sentiment, and opinion.

Upon completion, we provide actionable insights and findings that drive marketing strategies and initiatives for exceptional brands.

Our Products

Explore the On-Going and On-Demand products that Orbit offers.

Exclusive Cell


An exclusive team of Orbit professionals, 100% dedicated to your brand's demands. Recommended for large brands, this service provides a predetermined number of deliverables, with themes set by the client according to their brand's day-to-day needs.

Situation Room


A team of dedicated analysts and data scientists assigned to monitor a specific event, projecting trends and triggering real-time alerts for crisis prevention or opportunity identification. Track the evolution of the discussion surrounding the event and understand the relationships between the main stakeholders and your brand..

Social S.W.O.T.


Studies analyzing public opinion and sentiment regarding brands or products expressed on social media and other data sources, such as news comments, blog posts, marketplace reviews, specialized websites, and app stores. Monitor the evolution of opinions over time and compare performance with your main competitors. Understand consumption drivers, perceived attributes, territories, strengths and weaknesses, and identify the main threats and opportunities.

Campaign Scoreboard


Studies analyzing the impact and evolution of public perception of the brand and consumption drivers generated by launches, promotions, and influencer marketing campaigns. Understand which channels, messages, moments, and influencers generate the most aligned results with your strategy. Compare performances and make course corrections.

Orbit Visuals


Studies analyzing drivers, contexts, or consumption occasions based on the classification of photos or videos posted on social networks. Understand the situations, aspirations, and associations that emerge when consumers post images of your brand or product online.



Our latest product offers tailor-made consultative solutions designed to organize information, generate data processing and visualization solutions, extract knowledge and insights that support decision-making, and build strategies for companies and their brands.

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